LIDAR Server

LIDAR Server is the premier web mapping server for LIDAR point clouds. LIDAR Server is built specifically for visualization and desktop delivery of LIDAR data. LIDAR Server provides the rapid delivery of customizable LIDAR visualizations directly from rich LAS point clouds. Leveraging OGC standards, profiles (cross-sections) are possible, as are point information requests, and clip-and-ship for easy point cloud delivery to the desktop.

LIDAR Server can easily and cost-effectively provide LIDAR access to diverse groups of stakeholders via the web, eliminating in many cases the need to clip-and-ship point cloud data and derivative map products. In those cases where the point cloud does need to be delivered to the desktop (seeing the data first is still an invaluable advantage of LIDAR Server) LIDAR Server provides intuitive clip-and-ship tools for desktop delivery that will not be a drain on mapping professional resources.

LIDAR Server is the optimal way to provide stakeholder access to LIDAR. LIDAR Server does not require (although it is almost always compatible with) expensive specialized desktop mapping applications and is compatible with most browser-based map server technologies and brings your LIDAR data together with map layers from Bing Maps, Google, and ArcServer.

The ability to leverage LIDAR has never been easier. Increase access to LIDAR using LIDAR Server and get data to those in your organization who need it - hands off and hassle free.


Server Highlights

  • OGC-compliant map server (WMS, WCS)
  • Multiple representations of LIDAR data: points, TIN, contours, etc.
  • Profile (cross-section) window
  • Configurable filtering and colorization of point cloud data
  • On-the-fly tinning (creates surfaces on-the-fly)
  • On-the-fly contouring engine (configurable intervals)
  • Easily configurable using XML
  • Multiple server deployment possibilities (e.g. standalone or integrated)

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Available for Purchase

LIDAR Server is now available for purchase and deployment.

To purchase contact our sales department at 1-256-461-8289 or

Also available to US Government Customers via GSA Advantage