"AeroMetric utilizes LP360 to increase QA/QC efficiency of LIDAR data. The software tools allow us to look at LIDAR Point Clouds in bulk and complete a thorough analysis to make sure our LIDAR deliverables meet the project specifications and quality expectations of our clients." - Chris Guy, Aerometric


LP360 for ArcGIS - Basic Edition
for LIDAR Point Cloud Visualization

LP360 for ArcGIS seamlessly integrates 3D point clouds into ArcMap, providing the most comprehensive foundation on which to base GIS analysis. LP360 provides the ability to create and manipulate LIDAR point cloud data directly from industry standard LAS format files without any time-consuming importing or converting processes. LP360 is not memory sensitive and allows gigabytes of data to be loaded, merged, and managed in ArcGIS. LP360 augments ArcGIS with dockable 3D and profile windows that extend the GIS desktop into the third dimension. Available in three functional levels, LP360 provides solutions from visualization through automated feature extraction.


Benefits and Features

  • Seamless management of thousands of LAS files
  • Visualization of all LAS attributes as points and surface models
  • On-the-fly surface rendering (TIN) and contouring with breakline enforcement
  • Import and conversion of ASCII data
  • Integrated and synchronized 3D and profile windows
  • LAS statistics and file header information
  • Extensive Quality Check tools
  • Export tools for DTMs, DSMs, contours and specialty analysis rasters

To purchase contact our sales department at 1-256-461-8289 or sales@LP360.com.

Also available to US Government Customers via GSA Advantage